Buy Boobs, not Yelp Reviews.

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Since October of 2012, Yelp has been turning up the heat on businesses using fake online reviews to attract and mislead consumers. The number of business being slapped with fraud alerts has gone from 8 in 2012 to 285 so far in 2014. In the past six months, businesses caught purchasing Yelp reviews or bribing customers has increased 14x. That is insane.

Businesses purchasing reviews

8 in 2012
285 so far in 2014

[typeicon icon=”icon-arrow-up” size=”60″]3,562% since 2012

If you had an over protective mother, like most of us have experienced at some point, we are sure you have heard that your reputation is your most prized possession. Sometimes it is a pep talk to prevent young hormonal teens from going on promiscuity binges, but it is very important to a business’s online reputation in our current cyber world. See…our parents were only preparing us for the harsh reality of the internet.

Imagine you are online gathering information about a product or service before making a purchase. Would you do business with any company that is caught cheating? Cheaters suck! How do you trust that the product or service they are selling you will not also be a rip off or corners were cut doing production. Once trust has been broken, it is hard to reestablish it.

So do yourself a huge favor and save the ‘fakeness’ for a new set of boobs or even that butt lift you have been obsessing over…don’t ruin your online reputation for a few gold stars. Earn them with great customer service and an amazing product. The alternative could be devastating to your business and your wallet.

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