Facebook introduces Artificial Intelligence!


Facebook is now even more cool!  Imagine trying to like your bestie’s new profile pic or troll your annoying little brother’s political post.  Right there, within your grasp lies the best comeback ever to his #ISupportXYZ rant but you can’t see the image.  You can’t see anything.  How are you going to harass your loved ones or even take advantage of Facebook’s new emoticons?  That dying laughing face is itching to be poked!  


There are 39 million blind individuals and 246 million visually impaired. Now everyone can stay connected across miles, oceans and even high in the sky!  Facebook introduces automatic alternative text.  People using screen readers on iOS devices will now hear a list of items (Image may contain: 6 people, 1 dog, outdoors, smiling, food) appearing in the picture.  


Let the fun begin.

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