Facebook vs. China – who wins?

Facebook is kicking China’s arse in the race for biggest population and may walk out with the “Gold” medal by 2015. This is no big surprise since Facebook just turned 10 and aside from the expected temper tantrums and boundary experimentation that comes with this age (stop messing with our newsfeed homie), it has reached an impressive growth spurt! Currently, Facebook has 1.23 BILLION monthly active users, with 757 million active DAILY users, of which 556 million are mobile users. That is a lot of zeros!

China recently lifted their ban on the Social Media “Head Honcho” in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. That’s a fancy way of saying that people within the 17-square-mile area has access to Facebook.

Before even reaching puberty, Facebook is on the fast track to being the biggest global Social Media Networking Site! That’s not a bad birthday present…let’s hope Facebook doesn’t turn out to be another spoiled celebrity child.


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