Google and Facebook stealing the election?


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Search trends can provide powerful information to White House hopefuls. Knowing the topics that are important to you can help them shape the messages they deliver in debates, commercials, even their tweets.  Donald Trump has 7.5 million Twitter Followers – almost 2 million more than Hillary Clinton and 6 million more than Bernie Sanders.  Can that amount of social media power effect the Presidential race?


Every search reflects a voter’s position on certain topics.  Currently across all states and candidates, the most searched topics are education (20.33%), religion (13.46%), foreign policy (11.81%) and gun control (8.58%).  When trying to appeal to the people of a specific region in order to boost their likability, a candidate can use the search trends and social media posts to shape their message. A bit manipulative?  Ummm, yes.  Super ninja skills for sure.  


We provide things about our every day life – our likes, hobbies, influences, dislikes, things that fire us up – free of charge.  Anyone can swoop in and take that data to sell us ANYTHING.  This includes a White House residency.  Facebook is the second most popular source of political news, trailing behind Wikipedia.


How about we all post Disney memes and Star Wars rap songs and see which candidate shows up in our state wearing Mickey Mouse ears and throwing down sick beats?    

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