The most successful brands all have one thing in common: a clear message that creates the exact intended effect with precisely the right audience. We’ll help you nail it.

Step One:

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Whether you’re launching a new business or working out a strategy for an established business to reach new levels, they key to doing it successfully is the proper alignment of all the important details. But what are these details and how do you align them? There’s actually a formula, and done correctly it works like magic to propel your brand forward. Most businesses don’t know this formula and overlook many important details, ultimately wasting a lot of time and money spinning their wheels. BrandFocus™ is a unique service created by Ripe Marketing which solves this problem by combining the correct formula with a bit of our own secret sauce. We work closely with you to zero in on every aspect of your brand and its goals and provide you with a laser-focused plan that is precisely what you need to reach the next level.


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Your visual assets are what creates your brand identity. Once you’ve lasered in on your brand identity and your strategic plan to rocket toward your goals, you will need the visual assets to connect with your target audience in a way that makes your ideal customer want to do business with you instead of your competition. This includes things such as your logo, website, landing pages, ad images and video, etc. Whether you’re launching a new brand, doing a complete makeover of an existing brand, or starting a new marketing campaign for an already established brand, our BrandDesign™ packages will make sure your visuals align perfectly with your brand’s purposes and goals.


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Now that you’re laser-focused on your brand identity and your strategic plan, and you’ve got the visual assets in place, it’s time to put it all into action with professional marketing. From search engine optimization to Google and Facebook ads and everything in between, we’re a full-service digital agency and our team can handle it all on a local or national level, at scale. Whatever your goals and strategy, we’ll take the marketing plan from your BrandFocus™ and execute either part or all of it for you with one of our BrandGrow™ packages to take your brand to the next level.