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This is the secret sauce and your competition doesn’t know the recipe.

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The BrandFocus™ is a 1 day intensive that will take all of the business ideas swirling around in your head and bring them fully into focus like you’ve never experienced before.

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Discover your superpowers. We’re going to do a deep dive that will completely transform how you view your brand. We’ll bring clarity to your brand identity, your target audience, and your message. What makes you awesome and different from the competition? What does your ideal customer truly care about? Does your message connect with them in a way that is simple and easily understood, but still makes you stand out? Does it make them feel compelled to engage with you? What can you change to make your brand irresistible?

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What exactly is the game you are currently playing and how are you going to win? In order to make real progress towards your goals you must correctly identify and align seven key elements. This is how we are going to create a laser-focused plan to bridge the gap between your current scene and your ideal set-up. Then we’ll break the plan down into a program with the exact series of actions to propel you forward from where you are now to your next major milestone. #secretsauce

BrandFocus™ is brought to you exclusively by Ripe Marketing.

Within 2-3 business days after the BrandFocus™ intensive you will receive a custom multi-page report which will serve as your roadmap to execute the steps of the strategic plan and program we create for you. We will also include recommendations for how we can help you to execute the plan with our BrandDesign™ and BrandGrow™ packages.

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The cost of the BrandFocus™ will be applied to any future BrandGrow™ package (conditions apply).

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