What Business Owners Can Learn from the 2014 Winter Olympics

All eyes are on you when you are holding the biggest event on the planet. That is a lot of pressure…so don’t screw it up or new hashtags will be created in your honor. Russia is the latest victim of online reputation annihilation with hashtags springing up showcasing the numerous epic failures at this years Winter Games. #SochiFail, #SochiProblems and #SochiProbz are trending on Social Media and stole the spot light away from the athletes and games.

In ‘silver lining’ news, relatively unknown athletes have become international celebrities with the use of witty tweets about the conditions of hotel rooms, urine colored water, bobsledder Johnny Quinn busting out of card board bathrooms Kool-Aid style and online bartering to get things as simple as a light bulb or door handle. We forget how important a door handle is until you are trapped in a small foreign bathroom. I guess the important thing here to remember is at least they had toilet paper. A recent trip to India made us value the importance of 2 ply.

Business owners beware – be prepared when major opportunities smack you in the face. The exposure can expand your business or make you the trending joke online. The amount of clean up required to fix a failure of this epic proportion can be devastating. Your failure will be your competitor’s dream come true. Don’t hand them over your customers with a pretty little bow!

Thank you, Russia for providing an abundance of Twitter entertainment and one hell of an education! Peace out…

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